Always try to see the positive side to 2020

2020 has certainly been a difficult year for many and it is often easier to concentrate on the negatives which we have seen. Having a "Glass half full" mentality and always trying to see the positives, this period of our lives has forced many of us to hit the reset button and refocus on the things that really matter, things which we value the most, Family, friendship, random acts of kindness and not forgetting to smile now and again. One of the things which has definitely lef

Welcome 2020!

Happy New Year to all of my customers and clients. Hope you have found some quality time to spend with family and friends and are now re-energised for 2020! For all of your Photographic needs, drop me a line and let me help you make lasting memories of your special moments in time.

Autumn.... a great time for action

Autumn presents the opportunity to capture stunning action shots that show the changes in season and the raw power of the elements. Coupled with great lighting and moody clouds, fantastic colours and the low, intense sunsets, autumn is one of my favourite times to get out and explore. If you would like the chance to shoot dramatic, action filled scenes in high resolution which enables you to print high quality, big images for imposing wall displays, drop me a line and we can

New year sports drive

With the start of the new year comes renewed drive to burn off those Christmas calories in the form of activities, sports and new found hobbies. Why not capture your new found passion by a motivational photo shoot to keep you driving towards your goal. Whether its roller blading, mountain biking, football, team sports or individual - a large, high quality print on your wall showing you and your team mates in full flow gives you that get up and go feeling to keep driving you f

Company Team Building

Company team building events are a great way of seeing your staffs hidden qualities and enjoying activities together. Great for company image and providing valuable opportunities to strengthen teams and encourage working on common goals. Whether it is an outdoor activity, business event or staff function, don't miss out on the chance to grab some stunning marketing material which makes your company the one everyone wants to work for. For a competitive quote and above all, gre

Spring is in the air......

This is Frizzbee, our lively, slightly mad Tibetan Terrier enjoying running through the fields of Dandelions at the front of our house. Spring is a great time to explore new opportunities and make maximum use of the great lighting, especially at sunrise or sunset. If you would like a shoot with your favorite furry friends give me a call, I have this image printed at 150cm x 100cm on Forex which certainly fills the room with light!

Multi Award Winning Photographer

2017 was a great year for me, winning the CBRE Employee Urban Photographer of the Year Award for the EMEA Region. I also won the Silver Medal in the Germany wide BLENDE Competition with a black and white picture of the Altenbeken Viaduct (above) which again was a wonderful end to the year. If you would like a personal shooting in your favorite environment - drop me a line and we can discuss your needs.

Pets are a great subject and lots of fun!

Our pets are integral parts of our families and as such it is just as important to capture treasured images of them as it is of our siblings. They never fail to amuse and give us all unconditional love and affection. If you want a shooting of your furry family member contact me direct to arrange a suitable date and location... Here´s my bundle of joy Frizzbee as an example of what can be done to capture your loved one forever. #Dogs #Pets #animals

Up close and personal

This May I have had the opportunity to take some shots of pets and wildlife. This shoot was great fun, 5 week old kittens who were very inquisitive and full of life which made the shoot very unpredictable! Beautiful markings and check those ice blue eyes out... stunning. I have this shot enlarged 100 x 100cm in full color behind Acryl glass. The colors are fantastic and softness of the shot really comes out. Fancy a shoot including your nearest and dearest? Give me a call an

Hull Uk City of Culture 2017

Hull is the UK´s choice as City of Culture for 2017. This year sees a packed program full of art, fashion, museums, display, concerts and much much more. Every day this years offers something different and original. This picture shows just one of the many attractions drawing new visitors to my home town, for some it will be their first time in Hull but with the warmest of welcomes guaranteed I´m sure it won´t be their last!! A City with a rich maritime history and many claims

CBRE Employee Urban Photographer Of The Year Winner - EMEA Region

This week I received the amazing news that my submission of the Humber Bridge won the coveted award of EMEA Region Winner in the prestigious Global Photography Competition CBRE UPOTY 2016. This amazing award makes all the hours waiting for the right moment to get the right shot all worthwhile. Many thanks for all those who voted for me.

Bridging the gap

Hamburg gives you the opportunity of shooting some of the most iconic bridges that Germany has to offer.... and another great fact is that there are lots of them!! Come and see for yourself and put things into perspective!! #Elbe #bridge #Hamburg #blackandwhite #perspective

Summer fun

The recent warm weather has allowed me to take some portraits at the beach. These types of photoshoots are some of my favorites, especially with children enjoying the long, hot summer holidays at the beach! If you would like a family shoot giving you treasured images to last a lifetime... contact me direct to arrange an appointment.

How do you like your prints? - Big, Sharp & Breathtaking?

Have you ever wanted BIG supersized prints of your best shots? Whatever it may be, your Pet, a special place or an image of you and your partner in a romantic pose? Thanks to my new equipment, the Canon 5DSR is an amazing new full frame pixel killing monster which produces razor sharp images well over 1.5m Imagine the shot on the left on your wall, inspiring prints on your workplace wall or sports images on your team dressing room wall. To find out more and what kind of