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Always try to see the positive side to 2020

2020 has certainly been a difficult year for many and it is often easier to concentrate on the negatives which we have seen. Having a "Glass half full" mentality and always trying to see the positives, this period of our lives has forced many of us to hit the reset button and refocus on the things that really matter, things which we value the most, Family, friendship, random acts of kindness and not forgetting to smile now and again. One of the things which has definitely left a last impression on me is just how beautiful our planet is. The air seems cleaner, the colours brighter and with the stresses and strains we have every day it is more important than ever to take time every day to appreciate these things - stand in the middle of a forrest, look up and breathe..... I was lucky enough to find myself at the very tip of Juttland in Denmark, where the North sea meets the East sea...... it took my breath away just how beautiful this moment was..... This supersized photo now has pride of place in my living room and brings me endless pleasure every time I look at it.... What is important to you at this time? Look for the good in people, enjoy and protect our environment... breathe...... we will get through this together.

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